Childhood TV: Draft Essay 2

Though there are not many things I can easily recall about my childhood, I do remember surfing through channels after school in hopes I’d come across an episode of my favorite show, whether it be a new one or a rerun.

This show was called Codename: Kids Next Door and I could never get enough. It was about a group of ten year old kids who practically lived in a giant secret treehouse. They would build elaborate contraptions using anything they can get their hands on, from chewing gum to spare tires. Each kid had a specialty and worked with the rest of the group to win silly “battles” with adults. I think my obsession with this show acted as an introduction to the field I found myself majoring in today, nine years later. I would watch in awe as the kids were always creating cool new machines to assist in all kinds of challenges. Being impressed by this is no surprise considering that as I grew up, I became more and more interested the creation of all the new things I was being introduced to. I’m now majoring in a technology field, in hopes of learning about what already exists and the progressiveness of what could. I would not say that watching this silly show as a kid made me “smarter,” but I definitely think it opened my mind to creativity. Seeing as though I was merely hitting the double digits age-wise, I clearly could have not came up with the cool new widgets the kids were making on each episode. It pulled me in and absorbed all of the attention I had to offer.

I think that my interest in this show influenced the shows I got into later on as well. Codename: Kids Next Door was a show where there was always conflict needing to be resolved and I feel as though that type of storyline stuck with me through my teenager years. I grew interested in shows like CSI, White Collar and Prison Break. All of these tie into one another due to the fact that they all belong to the problem solving and thoughtful  TV genre.


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