Meta-Commentary Exercise

Using Metacommentary to Explain what They Are Saying:

Essentially, Steven Johnson is arguing that watching television (even the shows that you least expect) expands the mind and makes the viewers think critically, hence the title “Watching TV Makes You Smarter.” Johnson writes that shows contain narrative threads that lead to those watching to pay attention, have patience, and retention due to the multiple threading, flashing arrows and social networks. While at first this may seem confusing, what he really means is that the audience knows the general plot of the series, but each episode involves new challenges and unexacting conflicts arise that call for a form of “mental convention.” As I mentioned earlier Johnson wants readers to understand that television culture has definitely effected our minds, but not in a negative manner. To put it another way, what Johnson wants us to realize is that television helps ultimately allows us to analyze complex social networks, recognize patterns, and track narrative intertwining. While at first this idea may seem trivial, readers should realize that there are many series on television that really do require you to recall certain scenarios and use a bit of background knowledge from earlier episodes to fully understand, not merely just sit back and watch.

Using Metacommentary to Highlight What You Are Saying:

 To put it another way, I believe that ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________. Essentially, I am arguing that ____________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________. My point is not that Freire cares about ___________________________________________________________, but rather that _________________________________________________________________________________.  In order to prove that ____________________________________________________________________ is true, this paper will explore ____________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________.


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