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The article “Is the American Dream Over” raised more questions than it answers. Cal Thomas writes in agreement that the American dream is in fact over by suggesting that there are too many things wrong with the world today. He speaks on subjects such as the monopolistic government and nonstop war-fare as reasons to back this up but to me it does not quite seem to entirely mean the American dream is no longer alive. His arguments are true in the fact that there are many things wrong with the way our nation is today, which nonetheless effects the people that live here. However I do not believe the decrease in the economy has caused the American dream to come tumbling down. If anything, it has just shifted and just transformed a bit from what it once used to be.

Thomas brings up valid points that support the truth on our troubled economy but does not directly tie it back to the central point. I think it would be a much stronger piece if he were to state that the American Dream is not in fact over, but there are many factors like the ones he explained that are slowly killing it.

I also believe Thomas should further elaborate on why he says that the American Dream is not taught or supported by culture. He begins the second to last paragraph by saying this and then continues on to explain the “rules” for achieving this dream as known by pervious generations. Thomas provides to reasoning behind why it is that the new generation is unaware of all of this information whereas the past ones are.

I think this piece was well written but it was just not very convincing to me.


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