The Believing Game

There was a point brought to light throughout the video that students are actually not as productive at multitasking as they assume. This is followed up by a segment of researchers conducting a study on a small group of students at Stanford that concludes with results explaining their brains are in fact not focused while multitasking. Even without research records being exposed, it is known that the human brain performs much more precisely when concentrating on one thing at a time. The amount of concentration being placed by the individual would have to be spread among numerous tasks, making each of those tasks much more difficult to accomplish. In the long run, the productivity would lessen more and more.

There was a point brought to light throughout the video acknowledging that students believe in advancing their productivity by mulitasking. It is no surprise that students are piled on with a lot of work, therefor making it nearly impossible to get it all done with the amount of time they are given. Nearly every college student is forced to experience this, especially those pertaining in the more difficult majors. In return, this allows students to get more done in minimal amount of time. There are studies that show the human brain’s incapability to focus on more than one thing at a time, but this does not apply to the fact that every student still successfully does it.


Defining the “They Say” in “Countdown to an Execution in Oklahoma”

The editorial begins by introducing the execution of Richard E. Glossip and a pause on his sentence after finding new evidence on the murder case. There is a link shortly after the introduction that opens up a page stating the loss of the Supreme Court case working against Oklahoma’s death row, leaving inmate Richard E. Glossip’s execution to resume as planned. This link is a form of “They Say” provided in this opinion editorial as a much easier and convenient way to provide its readers information from another source. This is useful in the sense that the linked articles make it so that the reader is fed more background knowledge as well as helping the writer keep the piece short and to the point. It is definitely a greatly efficient way to give a “They Say” that is accessable with the click of a mouse. Shortly after this introduction, writer

Jeremy Sussman

My partner Jeremy enjoys playing soccer just as much as he likes being lazy and binge watching Netflix. They might be complete opposites considering one is outdoors and active while the other is laying in bed rolled up in a fuzzy blanket, but both hobbies are his favorite nonetheless. If he had an endless supply of any one food, it would be pizza. Not only is there much variety in the different toppings that he can try from time to time, but it is undoubtedly the best food in the world. Jeremy’s majoring architecture and dreams of one day establishing his own firm! During his trip to Israel, Jeremy ate pigeon and says that it was honestly “pretty good.” I asked if it resembled chicken and Jeremy replied yes. If his life was portrayed in a movie, it would fall under a comedy because he constantly finds himself stuck in abnormal and silly situations.