Preparing for Essay 3

Emil and I are in agreement that the “American Dream” is still alive. However, we think it has had a sort of paradigm shift because of how much the world has transformed. As the article “What’s Up With the American dream” stated, the dream itself is this idea of going to school, studying, getting jobs, and working hard will lead to financial security or maybe even great wealth. It is what anyone would consider rising from the bottom and arriving to the top, or in other words a dream come true.

This is a great picture of how the American dream was mostly visualized as during the 1940’s-1950’s. It shows the happy family in a quiet neighborhood. It appears that the husband surprising his wife with a new car for the family.


The dream back then was marrying into a happy couple and having children. The men would aim to hold titles such as businessmen and work hard to support his family, while the women would dream of taking care of the children at home.

In today’s world, the American dream for most women is definitely not the “stay at home mom” job. Women are getting in fields that used to be traditionally men only, such as medicine and engineering. Things have also changed much since then because our culture has developed a lot since then. People today dream of becoming rich and famous more than ever. With the help of what we have been given the privilege to grow up with technology wise, this has grown more and more. There are people today who are living their American Dream being Instagram and Twitter famous. They have thousands and thousands of followers, making money advertising and blogging on these social media sites starting as young as sixteen years old. This form of entrepreneurship or achieving the “self-made” success was not available until recently, and it has skyrocketed many people’s dream.

Emil and I believe the American Dream is still alive without a doubt, however, we think it has transformed drastically and will continue to do so forever.

Writer, Guest. “The American Dream of the 1940s & 1950s.” Ultra Swank RSS. 19 Oct. 2013. Web. 29 Oct. 2015.


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